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Meet Our Users - Why One C. Tech Chose To Improve Inspection Efficiency

Meet Darryl Schwartzentruber, C.Tech. at K. Smart Associates Limited, a Canadian Consulting Engineering firm. We caught up with him to understand what his bridge inspection experience was like with OSIMple.

What was the problem you were experiencing before purchasing OSIMple?

Creating and editing OSIM forms was a long, tedious process. With technology available like tablets and smartphones, we felt that there was a quicker, easier way to complete OSIM forms, which would result in an overall more economic bridge inspection report for our clients. In addition, our traditional approach included conducting the field inspection with any previous OSIM form and then revising the existing OSIM form back in the office. OSIMple allows us to complete all the revisions in real time during an onsite inspection.

How did OSIMple help improve the inspection process?

The technology allowed us to complete an onsite inspection and update the existing OSIM form in real-time; little editing was required in the office prior to presenting our client with a report.

What was the best benefit OSIMple brought?

The time required to update OSIM forms in the office is greatly reduced. All changes are made on-site in the field.

Were you satisfied with the customer service you received from the OSIMple team?

Customer service from the OSIMple team has been second to none. Any issues or questions that have occurred have been dealt with immediately and promptly by the OSIMple team. Any requests of software changes or additions of user company name[endif][if !vml] [endif]features have been accepted and conquered by the OSIMple team

What would you say to anyone considering making a purchase of OSIMple? Would you recommend it? If so, why?

We would recommend OSIMple to interested parties. The technology has made it much faster and simpler to produce inspection reports.

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